The Finest Luxury Real Estate In The Holland Area

Dated: 11/28/2015

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Since it was incorporated in the 1860s, the Holland, Michigan area has been a long time favorite among vacationers, seasonal residents, and upscale home buyers with a preference for Michigan lakefront property. Its close proximity to Lake Michigan, the smaller lakeside community of Grand Haven, and Grand Rapids, MI has made Holland real estate companies the leaders in West Michigan luxury real estate.

Although the winters can be harsh, to the residents of Holland, it is just another aspect of the natural beauty that surrounds them 365 days of the year. Still, it is impossible to deny the excitement that the spring and summer months bring to both Holland area residents and visitors. 

Once the snow and ice melts, and the foliage begins to bloom, the famous Tulip Festival attracts nearly one million tourists to Holland every May. Consequently, Reader's Digest designated the Tulip Festival as the best small town festival in the United States. Furthermore, for many area residents and businesses, the Tulip Festival marks the beginning of the thriving tourist season.
During the summer months, Lake Michigan is a focal point for tourists and businesses that derive considerable business from the tourism industry between the months of May and September. However, just because hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to the Holland and Grand Haven area for the beauty of the summer does not mean that there is not plenty to enjoy all year round. While there certainly are a number of seasonal residents who own stunning luxury real estate, the autumn is a favorite season among thousands of residents who have made Holland and New Haven their year round homes. 
There is a vast range of home styles and prices among Holland real estate, but the fabulous waterfront luxury homes just might be the bread and butter of the Holland and Grand Haven areas. When home buyers purchase Holland area luxury homes, they are not only investing in their dream homes, but they are also investing in 12 months of exquisite beauty. Now that is priceless!

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