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Dated: 06/20/2018

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Selling your home can be challenging, even in this current market. Here is something to keep in mind if you’re considering selling.

Just the other day, Monday, I had a buyer client of mine ask to see a specific house. This home was listed FSBO (For Sale By Owner). I told my buyer that I would give the owner a call to set up a time to see the house. So that’s what I did. I called the owner and asked if we could see the home the next day, Tuesday, in the evening. It was well over 24 hours notice, which is generally an acceptable amount of time to give the homeowner to prepare for a showing. The response that I was given was, “Well we’re having an open house on Saturday (4 days later).”

When I mentioned to the seller that Saturday wouldn’t work for my buyer, the seller responded with “I’m out of town right now until Saturday.”

I asked if there was any other way that we could see the home because my buyer was very interested and ready to buy their next home. The homeowner said, “No, call me back next week and we’ll figure it out.” My frustrated buyer moved on to other homes.

One of the biggest things that you can do to sell your home, whether with a Realtor® or on your own, is to provide easy Access to your home. People will not buy your home if they can’t see it. Furthermore, they want to see it on their schedule, not yours. That may sound a little bit rude, but if you want to sell your home, being ready to accommodate showings on the potential buyer’s schedule will be very helpful.

Sometimes selling your home while you are gone is actually easier for you as a seller, as you don’t have to leave or disrupt your schedule. Give me a call and we will discuss the safest and most convenient ways to provide access to your home while you’re gone.

In this market, buyers are not patient. With homes selling so quickly, potential buyers will move on to another home if they can’t see yours. Before you know it, you may have missed the window of peak interest. Sure, your home will likely still sell, it just may not sell as quickly or for as much money as it would have had the proper access been provided from the start.


The best thing that you can do for yourself when selling your home is to make sure that you hire a professional whose expertise is selling homes quickly and for the most money.

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Gavin Steenwyk

Gavin Steenwyk is an experienced realtor along the West Michigan Lakeshore. It is his highest priority to represent your best interest with honesty and integrity. He understands how stressful and over....

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Providing Access To Your Home

Selling your home can be challenging, even in this current market. Here is something to keep in mind if you’re considering selling.Just the other day, Monday, I had a buyer client of mine ask to

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