Jul 31 2015 Waukazoo Woods And Marigold Woods In Holland Michigan

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Waukazoo Woods and Marigold Woods in Holland Michigan

Waukazoo Woods and Marigold Woods are neighborhoods situated about three miles from the city of Holland. Waukazoo Woods and Marigold Woods originated in the early 1900's. Prices for properties typically go from $150,000 to $2 million and are between 1,000 and 6,000 square feet. 

Here is a little history on the area:
The search for cooler summers and a respite from the pressures of the city brought Chicago industrialist Egbert H. Gold to the eastern shore of Lake Michigan in the summer of 1912.  Cruising aboard his yacht, the Marigold, Mr. Gold entered the channel leading from Lake Michigan into Lake Macatawa at Holland, and examined the shady edges of the smaller lake.  The search ended at Point Superior, a small densely wooded peninsula on the north side of the lake. Mr. Gold's love of nature and his vision of a summer home were combined in an effort that transformed Point Superior from a wild tangle of trees and briars into a delight of gardens, a great house - Marigold Lodge - that matched the mood of the sun and shade spangled forest, and carefully planned auyxiliary buildings to meet the needs of maintaining the estate.  
 In 1969 Miss Gold gave Marigold Lodge and the gardens on the Point to Hope College.  For many years the lodge was home to the college's Environmental and Ecology Center and was also used for symposiums, retreats, art exhibits, musicales, receptions, weddings and as a college guest house. Marigold Lodge has since been purchased by Herman Miller and used to house it's visiting clients and it is also used as a training center.
Left in the keeping of the Gold heirs was a unique piece of wooded ground that lay virtually untouched since the end of the 19th century.  This is Marigold Woods, purchased by the Woodland Partners in 1972. It is almost impossible to convey the mood of this place, almost primeval in its setting of great silvery beech trees dominating scattered oaks and pines.  Truly a lovely bit of forest that, we feel, has its best chance of survival through careful development now, and the future husbandry of homeowners who really care.

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