Full Time VS Part Time

Dated: 12/11/2017

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It’s no myth that full-time workers accomplish more than part-time workers, generally speaking. When it comes to real estate, wouldn’t you want someone who is dedicated to giving you their all? By “all,” I mean more than your standard 8 or 9 hour work day, if they are full-time, that is. For a lot of agents, especially in the area of West Michigan, they are part-timers. I’m already sold on the fact I’d want someone dedicated full-time if I am trusting them with my home, money, and family. It’s not to say that part-time agents aren’t successful, they just usually lack the time aspect that full-time agents have.

That being said, keep this in mind when you are choosing a real estate agent. It makes a big difference to have someone readily available, especially in today’s markets where homes are being sold exponentially fast. For me, being full-time, I rely very heavily on my clients and friends for my finances.

Maybe it’s just me, but I am getting sick of trying to get ahold of agents who seem too busy to care about what you want, let alone stop what they are doing to take a phone call or answer a message. Granted, we all have to make our living, but with this… It takes a certain type of person to be a successful real estate agent. I do not go into a conversation with someone expecting to buy or sell their next home. I go into that conversation with an open mind and schedule ready to assist you, if and only if, you choose to work with me. I am a full-time agent because I like what I do. I like going to work and knowing that I will be helping others with important, life-altering, decisions, and being entrusted with their dreams, goals, and fears.

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John Faber

John Faber has lived in West Michigan his entire life and with strong family ties in the area, he takes his clients' needs to heart and treats them like family when helping them buy or sell a home. J....

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