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Dated: 12/11/2017

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The housing market is incredibly hot in today’s economy. With that being said, the amount of people wanting to buy a home is exponential as well. But how do you find buyers? It’s not as simple as waiting for a client to knock on your door and walk in with exactly what they want, how they are going to get it, and are ready to proceed. No, that’s generally not how it goes, sadly… Prospecting, cultivation, marketing, personal connections… There is so much to be done BEFORE you can even introduce yourself in person to a client. Did I mention this is unpaid time? The time I spend meticulously writing emails, knocking on doors, creating advertisements, calling every number I can get my hands on is all UNPAID. Crazy, right? To me, it’s exciting. In prospecting for new clients, there is one quote that I adhere to. “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.” -Robert Stevenson

I do all of this for YOU, the client, in hopes that we can grow a lasting relationship together. I am a firm believer that relationships are much more important than monetary compensation.

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John Faber

John Faber has lived in West Michigan his entire life and with strong family ties in the area, he takes his clients' needs to heart and treats them like family when helping them buy or sell a home. J....

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