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Dated: 12/11/2017

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So, a thought crossed my mind yesterday… Why would you trust ME with helping you find your dream home? What makes me the person I claim to be? Well, I feel I have some explaining to do to earn your trust before we build out working relationship. So, here it goes. This is Casey Hamberg.

It began roughly 23 years ago. I was born in Holland, raised in both Holland and Zeeland, and eventually moved to Grand Haven. Meaning, I’ve been fairly localized my entire life, which makes me feel very confident about the area that I am promoting. I was born the youngest to a family of five. Two (still happily married) parents, and two older brothers. Growing up in Zeeland and always yearning to grow me, I found myself trying as many new things as I could. I attended 6 or 7 different churches, made easy by the fact in Zeeland, there’s a church on every corner. Friends came from every nationality, sex, and demographic imaginable. I craved to have as many personal touches in my life as I could. It made me happy to see others happy, even if it meant making myself vulnerable and putting myself out there for the world to judge.

Once I made it to 18, I moved in with my long-term boyfriend, Kyle. During that time I was a full-time, lead bartender at a nightclub, working on my Business Management degree from Grand Valley State University, and beginning a career in Project Management working with a local marketing firm. As it sounds, I got around. I pride myself on trying to accomplish as many things as I can. Eventually, Kyle and I bought our first home together in the beautiful city of Grand Haven.

Let’s back up… The things that make me who I am? Well, here’s a list I can rattle off… Friends, family, pets, God, neighbors, my real estate career, outdoors, running, fishing, hunting, guns, photography, coffee, technology, cars, travel… The list can really go on forever. With this, if there’s something here that you can relate to, shoot me a message, I would love to chat. This biggest thing that makes me who I am, is my desire to see others succeed, profit, and love themselves, God, and their lives.

Moving to Grand Haven was a surprise. Kyle and I looked for homes in Holland for months and nothing stuck out to us. The intensity of the housing market didn’t help either. The fact that homes could, and did, hit the market and have an accepted offer all on the same day was our biggest obstacle. Thankfully, we trusted our agent, Rhonda Faber, and she made miracles happen. We found a home in Grand Haven and on the first night we went to see it, we pulled into the driveway, I looked at Kyle, and we both just smiled. Why? Because we could already feel the warmth, the love, the compassion of Grand Haven’s community and sense; that we were truly home.

Today is the 22nd of November. Also known as the day before Thanksgiving. Today, I start my day early in the office, sipping coffee, writing this blog post, and reaching out to the people around me looking for a forever home. This afternoon, I will be leaving early, heading up north to a small church that I read needed support for their cooking efforts prior to their Thanksgiving Day feast. The thing that makes me want to do that? Knowing that it will make others happy and feel cared for. It’s not like I am sacrificing anything, except for time. Even that, in my own mind, is time worth spent.

I hope this gives you a little more insight into who I am. I encourage everyone to read this and talk to me personally before any business relationship begins. Sure, I would love to sell you a house, make a check, and continue my day. That’s not who I am. I’m a Realtor who puts relationships ahead of monetary compensation. Please, feel free to reach out to me, share your stories, and make a conscious and informed decision to who you’d like to represent you, your family, and your life.

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